About the Holon Theatre for the Performing Arts

The Holon Theatre has been playing a central role in the forefront of the performing arts scene in Israel for the last couple of decades.

A home for art aficionados from all over the country, a favored venue among many thousands of annual subscribers and a testing ground for new artistic concepts, soon adopted by arts centers all over Israel.

Our goal is to promote love for the performing arts among the residents of Holon and the citizens of Israel, providing means of expression for different tastes and multi – cultural traditions.

Our programs

Visitors to the Holon Theatre enjoy a great variety of subscription programs, assorted performances and unique productions in all fields of the performing arts, ranging from original and repertoire theatre, art music, dance, folklore music and cinematic works to programs designed for children and youth.

Woman International Festival

Held for 15 consecutive years, Woman International Festival celebrates woman influence and inspiration on the performing and visual arts, literature, academic research, social studies, economy and communication through debut performances, 'one night only' special productions, symposiums, installations and exhibitions – all within a week long celebration at the Holon Theatre and around the city of Holon during February and March. The festival hosts prominent international artists for their first ever performances in Israel. Among such former headliners of the festival are Marianne Faithful, Sandra Bernhard, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Alison Moyet.

The Israeli Music Festival

During 16 years since it was first held, the Israeli Music Festival has become the country's leading folk and pop music festival - focusing on historic composers and performers of Israeli music on one hand, as well as providing the stage for the new generations of Israeli musicians – while presenting unique musical encounters between representatives of historic and current music. This one of a kind celebration of Israeli music takes place each year during Passover, in April.

Sounds of Childhood Festival

The only festival in Israel aiming to expose performing art at its best to children and youth takes place during Sukkoth, in October. The festival program includes special productions involving Israel's leading symphonic orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloists as well as dance companies and theatre ensembles – all presenting debut works for kids and special performances mixing classical music, animation, cinema and stage arts into a thrilling inter-disciplinary experiences.

Giving to the Holon Theatre

The Holon Theatre is a non for profit organization dedicated to promote the arts, relying on state and municipal support as well as on fund raising.

The costs required to achieve our goals are enormous. Therefore, the Holon Theatre relies on friends, alumni and art lovers to assist in meeting the financial needs of the institution.

Your contribution provides the funds necessary for more members of the community to experience arts at first hand and can help the Holon Theatre to significantly improve its physical facilities and programing.

You can decide what to give, when to give it and how to shape your gift in a way that meets your wishes and can help the Holon Theatre plan for tomorrow. Your gift to the Holon Theatre is a way to assure that we continue to meet our goal of promoting superior arts to the people of Holon and Israel.

We are happy to work with donors to facilitate giving to any area at the Holon Theatre.

Contact us:

Holon Theatre for the Performing Arts

11 Kugel Blvd.

Holon 58262, Israel

Tel: 972-3-5023005

Fax: 972-3-5023020

Email: info@hth.co.il